minute by minute of the results, exit box and more – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

minute by minute of the results, exit box and more – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

On Sunday October 22 are celebrated in Argentina general elections to define who will be the next president and his vice. In the event of a runoff, Argentines will return to the polls on November 19.

At what time will the results of Javier Milei in the elections be known?

The results of Javier Milei in the general elections will be announced after 8:30 p.m., as reported by the National Electoral Chamber.

Javier Milei was the candidate with the most votes in the PASO and, as he expressed when voting, he hopes to win in the first round. «We are going to put Argentina on its feet,» he said.

How many votes does Javier Milei need to be president?

According to the National Constitution, Javier Milei needs to obtain more than 45% of the affirmative votes validly cast. He will also be able to be president if he obtains 40% of the votes and “a difference greater than ten percentage points with respect to the total votes on the formula that follows him in number of votes.”

In which case can a runoff be held?

In the event that Javier Milei does not manage to obtain the necessary percentages to win the presidency in the first round, he must resort to a runoff that will be held within 30 days after the first presidential election, which would be on November 19.

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