Explained ending of the series that EVERYONE is watching on NETFLIX – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

Explained ending of the series that EVERYONE is watching on NETFLIX – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

Netflix placed its flagship teen drama on the podium of its Top 10: Elite. In this Spanish production that mixes eroticism, dark loves, intrigues and betrayals, something terrible always happens at the end, as a hook for what is to come. So, how was the end of Elite 7?

It should be remembered that now Leonardo Sbaraglia has joined, as Martín, the father of Isadora (the Argentinian Valentina Zenere), as well as the famous Spanish Maribel Verdú, who plays the mother of Chloe, the student starring Mirela Balić. There is also Anitta, the Brazilian singer.

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Leo Sbaraglia (Martín) and Valentina Zenere (his daughter Isadora). Netflix

Before in Elite 6, two strong characters had arrived at Las Encinas school: Raúl (Álex Pastrana) and Sara (Carmen Arrufat), a couple of influencers. The young man showed his true face as an abuser and manipulator, and for that reason, in Elite 7Sara sought to free herself from his unhealthy control.

Sara accepted the help of Anitta’s character. But Chloe (Mirela Balić) started dating Raúl and everything got tense ahead of the eighth and final episode of Elite 7. Meanwhile, Omar (Omar Ayuso) returned, but Iván (André Lamoglia) fell in love with his boyfriend Joel (Fenando Lindez). The season ended with Iván regretting leaving Omar.

Maribel Verdú (Carmen) and Mirela Balić (Chloe), keys to the last episode of "Elite 7".  Netflix

Maribel Verdú (Carmen) and Mirela Balić (Chloe), keys to the last episode of «Elite 7». NetflixBy: MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX | MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX

“Elite 7” ending explained: threats, betrayals and deaths

At the closing of Elite 7 The matter of corruption surrounding Martín (Sbaraglia), Isadora’s father (Valentina Zenere), was uncovered: he was arrested along with the judge and Rocío’s mother. At the same time, Eric (Gleb Abrosimov) tried to take his own life, as a way of asking for help, but Nico (Ander Puig) helped him and he returned home.

And in the last scenes it would be revealed who would die. After Carmen (Maribel Verdú) learned from Sara that Raúl (Alex Pastrana) was putting her daughter Chloe (Mirela Balić) in danger, the unexpected happened: Carmen sent Chloe to say goodbye to her brother Iván and went up to the terrace with Raúl to have a drink.

Raúl argued with her and grabbed her by the neck, but Carmen broke free: she pushed him and Raúl fell into the void. When the police showed up, mother and daughter claimed that the young manipulator had committed suicide.

But at the last moment it was revealed that a witness had filmed the scene: it was Dalmar (Ivan Mendes). There he will begin, in a year, Elite 8. With another death to solve and several erotic loves to spy on.

The Brazilian Anitta was one of the incorporations in "Elite".  Netflix

The Brazilian Anitta was one of the additions to «Elite». NetflixBy: MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX | MATÍAS URIS/NETFLIX

Cast of “Elite” – Season 7

  • Maribel Verdú
  • Omar Ayuso
  • André Lamoglia
  • Carmen Arrufat
  • Alex Pastrana
  • Alvaro de Juana
  • Ander Puig
  • Mirela Balić
  • Gleb Abrosimov

“Elite” Trailer – Season 7

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