“When the Homeland is in danger, everything is in danger except not defending it” – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

“When the Homeland is in danger, everything is in danger except not defending it” – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

The now former candidate for president of Together for Change (JxC), Patricia Bullrichoffers this Wednesday at noon a press conference with Luis Petri, to announce the political agreement with the candidate of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), Javier Milei, facing the November 19 runoff.

“We do not come to represent our parties, but we come to represent having had the support of more than 6 million Argentines who accompanied us,” Bullrich began.

“This moment challenges us not to be neutral.” And he added: “The country needs a fundamental change.”

He then described a series of measures that he had already pronounced in his campaign regarding his vision for the future of Argentina.

JxC leaders such as María Eugenia Vidal, Federico Pinedo, Cristian Ritondo, Diego Santili, Jorge Macri and Mauricio Macri, among others, participated in the meeting prior to the conference. Among the statements they gave to the press, the common denominator was “each party is going to take a position” and they separated the announcements in which “Patricia is going to speak now.”

The Civic Coalition reiterates that it will not support Milei or Massa and calls to guarantee the unity of Together for Change

From the advertisements ofTogether for Change (JxC) that it would support the candidate of La Libertad Avanza (LLA), Javier Milei, from the Civic Coalition (CC)They called not to opt for that decisionbut neither to vote for the other candidate for president, Sergio Massa.

This is how Maximiliano Ferraro, president of the CC, expressed it:“The CC is not going to support Massa or Milei. “We are going to challenge the vote.”they announced.

“Elisa Carrió and the CC are the ones who denounced Massa and Kirchnerism the most throughout all these years, when many were silent or looked the other way.”

Elisa Carrió, founder of the Civic Coalition, accompanied Patricia Bullrich on the Parque Norte stage. Photo: CC Press

And they added: “Nor are we going to accompany a leap into the void with incompetent people who propose the sale of organs, the free carrying of weapons and the lack of respect for the most basic human rights.”

“Elisa Carrió and the CC proposed a strategy that was not listened to. We are going to do everything in our power to preserve the unity of JxC based on principles, values ​​and above all unity with identity. We want a Moral Contract, an Institutional Contract and a contract of political friendship that supposes generosity, greatness.We are not willing to have our principles canceled and violated”they continued.

“We are not willing to be a party that lends its deputies to the current government that comes, society has put us in a place: to be the opposition and we must accept that and represent it with humility,” they closed from the CC space.

The meeting with Macri

The “summit” between Bullrich and Macri took place at the former president’s house, where the Together for Change candidate went until this Sunday when she finished third and, at the same time, is the head of the PRO, a position she resumed after her campaign leave.

Both sought to define a position regarding Milei to take her to an expanded meeting that was going to be held this Wednesday at 11, at the party headquarters. But the meeting was suspended.

The meeting between Macri and Bullrich (which lasted until 0.10 this Wednesday) was confirmed by a first-hand source to the newspaper Clarionjust when there was speculation about a summit that Macri supposedly held with Milei.

According to the same source consulted by that medium, it did not materialize. From the side of La Libertad Avanza, as from other PRO actors, the secrecy was total.

News in development.


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