No, it is not true that Lucio Dupuy’s mother shared a video from prison asking people to vote for Sergio Massa – News from Argentina

No, it is not true that Lucio Dupuy’s mother shared a video from prison asking people to vote for Sergio Massa – News from Argentina

Three weeks from runoff that will define the next president of Argentina, circulating on social networks disinformation or fake news. This does not distinguish between candidates, there is fake news related to Sergio Massa as with Javier Milei; and in this case a video of the mother of Lucio Dupuy that asked for votes for the candidate of Union for the Homeland. This video is adulteratedSo it is fake.

He would have to be under two meters of earth for torturing and beating his son Lucio to death, but he is with a cell phone in his cell enjoying himself.dancing and doing campaign for Sergio Massa”wrote the user @GordoAntiProgre on x. And along with these words he put a video of Magdalena Espósito dancing with the legend “vote for massa chikes” next to the Argentine and LGTB flag.

When was the viral video of Lucio Dupuy’s mother?

He disinformative video was shared this Monday, November 1and in a matter of hours exceeded 100 thousand views. The content raised doubts in some users and others insulted the woman sentenced to life in prison for the murder of her son.

The truth is This video was taken out of context and alteredgiven that Esposito He shared the video on his account. TikTok he January 15, 2021 with the legend: “The problem is mine if I put my ass up for sale.” At that time the young woman was at her house in La Pampa and Lucio was under her care.

The 5-year-old boy was murdered on November 26and his mother was condemned for his death Magdalena Espósito Valenti and your partner Abigail Paez. The women are serving their sentence in a San Luis prison.


On Tuesday, September 26, Criminal Appeal Court confirmed the convictions for Magdalena Espósito Valenti and Abigail Paezfor the murder of the little boy Lucio Dupuy. The murderers were condemned by the following: crimes:

  • Espósito Valenti (mother): triple qualified homicide due to the link, treachery and cruelty. And she joined him crime of seriously outrageous sexual abuse due to the circumstances of its execution, maintaining the aggravation because it was the victim’s mother, the participation of both accused and the abuse taking advantage of living with Lucio, who was under 18 years of age.
  • Paez: double qualified homicide for treachery and cruelty, along with the crime of sexual abuse with carnal access through the anus, executed with a phallic object. In the last instance, the crime was aggravated by confirming that it was a seriously outrageous abuse.


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