Mayor Jorge Roa was fired by authorities as a last resort – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

Mayor Jorge Roa was fired by authorities as a last resort – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

The mayor of Florida Jorge RoHe was buried this Wednesday in the Tomé cemetery, after having died after being involved in a traffic accident while under the influence of alcohol and subsequently taking his own life.

The incident occurred this Monday when he published on his personal Facebook account a long messagein which he recounted the moment of the accident and concluded that he did not have the «moral authority» to continue holding office.

The communal chief had his last response around noon in the commune of Tomé, where he received multiple speeches from authorities, civil society and neighbors.

«I allow myself to pay a heartfelt tribute to Jorge Roa, who He always had a special attitude towards Florida Firefighters that in the memory of our volunteers the image of our authority will remain. Without a doubt, their constant concern to financially support the institution will remain within our retina, so much so that in 2023, in agreement with their municipal council, they decree an increase in the budget by 400%, support that is currently maintained,» highlighted the fire superintendent, Vladimir Guajardo.

Likewise, the regional governor of Biobío gave his last words, Rodrigo Diaz; the surrogate presidential delegate, Humberto Toroand the president of the mayors in Biobío, Alvaro Ortiz.


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