Full List of Republicans Who Support Impeaching Biden – Es de Latino News

Full List of Republicans Who Support Impeaching Biden – Es de Latino News

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has not yet launched an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden but a number of House Republicans have already voiced their support for Congress to do so.

McCarthy made his most direct threat to the president on Monday night, saying that the House’s investigation into the Biden family’s business dealings is «rising to a level of impeachment inquiry.» The speaker’s comments mark a pivot from where he stood last month, when he killed off an effort from Representative Lauren Boebert to force a vote on impeachment.

«The Speaker of the House is now talking impeachment,» Boebert tweeted on Tuesday. «The Biden corruption has risen to a level that there is no other response that can possibly be leveled against it. Impeachment is a very big deal, but these are incredibly serious crimes. I look forward to holding Joe Biden accountable for all that he’s done.»

Boebert’s enthusiasm to impeach the president was echoed by Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene, who delivered a floor speech on Tuesday urging the House to move forward with the process. Although the two congresswomen have butted heads in recent months, Greene agreed that House Republicans «must impeach Joe Biden.»

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From left, GOP Representatives Lauren Boebert, Matt Gaetz and Marjorie Taylor Greene are pictured at the U.S. Capitol on October 21, 2021, in Washington, D.C. They’re among several House Republicans who have vocalized their support for impeaching President Joe Biden.
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Greene is among the most ardent House supporters of a Biden impeachment.

She was the first member of Congress to file an article of impeachment against Biden, doing so on the first full day of his presidency, which was January 21, 2021. She subsequently sponsored another four impeachment resolutions in the last Congress, plus the first article against Biden in the current Congress.

Representative George Santos, who has faced his own calls for expulsion from office, also vocalized his support over Twitter, writing, «#ImpeachBidenNOW.»

When Boebert filed a privileged motion to force a vote on her resolution seeking to impeach the president for «high crimes and misdemeanors,» she was joined by Representatives Matt Gaetz, Eli Crane, Andy Biggs and Cory Mills.

The day before Boebert introduced her resolution, Representative Andy Ogles submitted his own, alleging that Biden «weaponized the Executive Office of the President and his years of service in the White House, to include his service as Vice President, to shield the business and influence peddling schemes of his family from congressional oversight and public accountability.» Boebert, Biggs and Representative Mary Miller co-sponsored the measure.

«To preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution, it is imperative that the House of Representatives impeach Joe Biden and hold him accountable for his egregious violations of his oath of office,» Boebert told Sitio de origen de la información.

Representative Darren Issa also suggested to Fox News on Tuesday that he anticipates some support for a Biden impeachment from his Democratic counterparts.

But top Democrats, like House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries, seem unpersuaded to do.

«House Dems are focused on building an economy from the middle out and the bottom up to make life better for everyday Americans. Meanwhile. Extreme MAGA Republicans remain obsessed with appeasing the Insurrectionist-in-Chief,» Jeffries tweeted.

On Tuesday, McCarthy clarified that he was not starting an impeachment inquiry this week, but was contending that lawmakers would not be able «to get the rest of the knowledge and information needed» without an inquiry.

«All I’m saying is … where’s the truth?» McCarthy told reporters. «You’ve got to get to the bottom of the truth and the only way Congress can do that is [an] impeachment inquiry that gives Republicans and Democrats the ability to get all the information.»

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