How To Unlock The Gunslinger Archetype In Remnant 2 – Es de Latino News

How To Unlock The Gunslinger Archetype In Remnant 2 – Es de Latino News

The Archetypes are one of the biggest selling points of Remnant 2, including its special Gunslinger Archetype. This Archetype is available as a starting Archetype for players who purchased the pre-order of the game. However, players can still collect the Gunslinger Archetype later in the game by progressing through the main campaign.

The Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2 is essentially a cowboy character. Most of the Archetype’s skills help reserve ammo, acting as a solid DPS option. The Gunslinger lives up to its name through its abilities like Quickdraw and its perks like Posse Up. If players want to acquire this Archetype, they’ll have to commit to the wait.

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How To Collect The Worn Cylinder In Remnant 2

The Gunslinger from Remnant 2 points their revolver at something offscreen.

Unlocking the Gunslinger Archetype in Remnant 2 is not as easy as unlocking the main four starter Archetypes. With Medic, Challenger, Handler, and Hunter, players can purchase their associated Engram. Engrams are special items that, when equipped, unlock their associated Archetype. The Gunslinger’s Engram is the Iron Cylinder, which needs to be crafted from the Worn Cylinder.

Remnant 2 players can collect the Worn Cylinder by talking to Mudtooth, an old man found in Ward 13. Mudtooth is easily identified by his stark white hair and beard. He can always be found at a table with his buddy Reggie, so players don’t have to run around Ward 13 to find him. Mudtooth loves to tell stories, and players can ask him to share a few.

Players need to ask Mudtooth for stories until he has no more left to tell. This requires players to progress through enough of the main campaign in Remnant 2 for Mudtooth to reveal all his tall tales. If he tells the player he needs to remember more, they will need to complete more of the campaign and come back later. He’ll be able to share all his stories once the second world is complete. Once Mudtooth is out of stories, he’ll give the player the Worn Cylinder.

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How To Craft The Iron Cylinder In Remnant 2

The Gunslinger marches forward, gun drawn, from a bright red backdrop.

If players want to turn the Worn Cylinder into an Iron Cylinder, they’ll need to speak to Wallace in Ward 13. Crafting the Iron Cylinder is a simple process. The only other materials Wallace needs, excluding the Worn Cylinder, are 1,000 scrap and 10 Lumenite Crystals. If players don’t have enough crystals, they can explore Ward 13 and collect more.

Once they have everything, Wallace will give them the Iron Cylinder. With the Engram in hand, players can blaze through Remnant 2 as a Gunslinger.

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