They delivered homes in Ushuaia – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

They delivered homes in Ushuaia – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

The Municipality of Ushuaia delivered homes located in the KyD massif, within the framework of an agreement signed by Mayor Walter Vuoto with the national government for the construction of housing solutions, in order to relocate families from different neighborhoods of the city.

The objective of the initiative, framed in the Socio-Urban Integration of Popular Neighborhoods project, is the sanitation and opening of streets in a large sector of the city, actions that will benefit 700 families.

The Secretary of Planning and Public Investment, Gabriela Muñiz Siccardi, explained that “after the recovery of the lands, the streets were opened and the homes were built, and being able to deliver them is very gratifying for us because of everything it will mean for these families.” And she added that “this in turn will allow the relocation of other families in different neighborhoods.”

The official stated that “we are going to continue working to complete new homes and give continuity to this process.”

For his part, the Secretary of Habitat and Territorial Planning of the Municipality, David Ferreyra, specified that “This work has to do with the agreement signed by Mayor Vuoto with the Nation through which we are going to provide housing solutions for families in the KyD sector”which “will be relocated to finish consolidating 700 families and work on the sanitation of the canyon that is in the area.”

Along these lines, he maintained that «it will be a complex task but starting with the relocation by providing housing to the families fills us with pride and commitment to continue responding to the families of the city, as Mayor Vuoto constantly asks of us.»


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