President Boric heads Cosena meeting in La Moneda – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

President Boric heads Cosena meeting in La Moneda – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

At 11:00 a.m. this Monday, the meeting of the National Security Council (Cosena) began in La Moneda. instance convened by President Gabriel Boric to address the security crisis that the country is experiencing.

The commanders-in-chief of the Armed Forces, the directors of the Carabineros and the PDI, the comptroller(s), the president of the Supreme Court, and the presidents of the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate, along with the ministers, participate in the instance. Defense and Interior.

The topic to be discussed in this consultative, non-resolving meeting is the critical infrastructure project, in order to receive inputs to advance the processing in the Senate.

Prior to the appointment, the senator Juan Antonio Coloma (UDI) stated that «we are summoned by the President of the Republic, he is the one who raises the point of view of his advice obviously. Security has to do with laws, it has to do with management, with criteria and also with how to confront emergencies like the one we are seeing today, regarding not only the fires, but the second part now, which is the looting, and that we have to confront them with all our energy.

«I think that It is good that the State authorities have space to understand each other in this matter and I think it is essential for everyone’s peace of mind,» he added.


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