Isapres lost more than 360 thousand members in 2023 – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

Isapres lost more than 360 thousand members in 2023 – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

The Isapres lost more than 360 thousand members in 2023, the largest annual departure on recordaccording to figures from the Health Superintendency.

At the end of last year, private insurers ended 360,876 beneficiaries less, between contributors and charges, being the largest leak recorded in the Superintendency for more than two decades, according to Third.

In fact, In 2023, more than double the number of beneficiaries left than in 2022and in two years 534,251 people have left in total.

This trend has been observed for 47 months, since as of February 2020 only year-on-year withdrawals of affiliates have been recorded in the isapres, with a total of 629,766, completing four years with the same trend. In addition, since January 2022, uninterrupted monthly decreases have been recorded.

Of the total number of members lost by the isapres, 74% is explained only by two isapreswhich were the ones that registered the largest GES price increases in October 2022: White cross, which marked 138,516 fewer beneficiaries in 2023, totaling 469,939 affiliates; and secondly, there is With healthregistering 127,280 fewer members last year, with a total of 516,538 beneficiaries as of December.

Consalud was the insurer that charged the highest GES price, 1.39 UF per month (about 51 thousand pesos), as well as this is the isapre that has the contributors who have the lowest taxable income.

Specific, Isapres members ended at 2,715,746 at the end of last year, the lowest figure since December 2010which meant a drop of 11.7% year-on-year.

The Isapres claim to be going through the biggest crisis in their history, since only last year did they begin to see some profits, but they estimate that this will be reversed in January, when an average drop of 12% in their income suddenly occurs after canceling the GES price increases that they had implemented in October 2022, as ordered by the Supreme Court.

Likewise, we are waiting to see how another ruling from the highest court is implemented, that of the table of factors which, according to the Government, will imply returns of 1,000 million dollars.

Finally, Fonasa ended 2023 with a total of 16,229,898 affiliatesand last year they added 616,320 people, with more than half coming from the isapres (344,374 people).

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