Two subjects were arrested for unjustified shooting on public roads – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

Two subjects were arrested for unjustified shooting on public roads – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

Carabineros arrested during the early morning to two subjects for unjustified shootings on public roadsspecifically on the street Miguel Leon Prado in Santiago Center.

Neighbors in the area warned the uniformed police that there were two people shooting into the air from a gray Chevrolet vehiclethe one who did not have his license plates.

Police officials began a controlled follow-up until the subjects abandoned the vehicle and hid inside a home. The police entered the property to arrest one of the subjects, who tried to get rid of a banana that had a revolver inside itas well as different types of ammunition.

Likewise, another individual was also in said home, the one who kept a bulletproof vest and two pistols on top of his bed.

«At the scene, a vehicle was found, in which one of its occupants was firing shots in the open air. Upon arriving at the scene, (the police) saw the vehicle and, upon realizing the police presence, the individual got out of the vehicle -leaving the doors open- and entered a home, of which he also left the doors open,» reported the lieutenant Tomas UrraRonda Santiago Central official.

«It was at that moment that he threw a banana that held different types of ammunition. When reviewing a visual inspection of the vehicle, a revolver-type firearm, 38 point caliber, was also found,» the officer added.

Both detainees are of Chilean nationality and they maintained a record penalties for illegal possession of weapons.


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