Government asks to dispatch the fire bill «as soon as possible» – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

Government asks to dispatch the fire bill «as soon as possible» – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

The Government Spokesperson Minister, Camila Vallejo (PC)he announced that The Government will seek to ensure that the Chamber of Deputies can pass the fire law during the first week of March, when parliamentary activities resume after the legislative recess.

As stated ThirdMinister Vallejo stated that the above was discussed in the political committee that was held on Monday and that, In October of last year, the Government put «immediate urgency» in Congress to the aforementioned fire law, and that said request «It has been constantly renewed.»

Along these lines, Vallejo explained that «this means that we as a Government hope that once the sessions of the National Congress resume, can be dispatched the first week of the Chamber of Deputies, because this project, which is of immediate urgency, was approved in the respective technical commission, but the discussion is missing in the Chamber.»

The Secretary of State insisted that the problem of fires is a priority for the Executive and that «It has to be resolved as soon as possible. For many years we have been discussing how we modernize our legislation regarding fire fighting, but also regarding prevention. And the handling of this type of accidents.»

«The call is particularly to the Chamber of Deputies, that in the first week of legislative sessions this bill can be dispatched so that in the Senate we can also advance in an accelerated manner,» Vallejo emphasized, adding that the process so that the law is definitively dispatched «This should not take more than a month.»

«There has been a lot of discussion, there are different parliamentary motions, there are many diagnoses on the matter, but we believe that an issue like this, and given that we are going to continue living with fires in periods of high temperatures in our country, We need to update our legislation on this matter as soon as possible.«said the minister spokesperson.

Finally, regarding the situation of the devastating fires that affected the Valparaiso Regionthe Government spokesperson pointed out that «the situation is quite controlled», but clarified that «we have other outbreaks and other alerts» and called for prevention now «don’t lower your arms.»

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