how much it cost – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

how much it cost – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

In the neighborhood Palermo, there is a cafeteria that has captured the attention of lovers of good food and charming places. In a recent video shared on TikTok by the renowned influencer Meli, under the user @entretostadas, showed a tour of this cafeteria, sharing her experience and revealing how much she spent on a delicious snack for two people.

The video begins with Meli highlighting the unique aesthetic of the place, with a pastry counter overflowing with tempting products. “The best part is that as soon as you enter you find a pastry counter that is bursting with products. They really have something for everyone,” the young woman shares enthusiastically.

What did you order for a snack and how much did the bill cost?

Then, Meli revealed her choice: a brunch for two that includes two bowls of coffee with milk, two squeezed juices, croissant with ham and cheese, scone, toast and a snack of your choice.

The total spent, according to the influencer in the TikTok video, for this gastronomic experience in Palermo was: $13,500. But the experience doesn’t end there. Meli also showed in the clip a portion of the place’s famous rogel cake, which she described as “exploded with dulce de leche,” referring to the fact that it is possible to order from the menu and not just the brunch option.

For those who wish to explore more options on the menu, the young woman shared the menu of the place in the description of her video, detailing the various options and prices available. The clip achieved more than 29 thousand views and several comments from users interested in discovering this place for themselves.


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