What’s wrong with Featherweight? He canceled his tour and in Viña del Mar Trueno will replace him – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

What’s wrong with Featherweight? He canceled his tour and in Viña del Mar Trueno will replace him – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

The Mexican artist Featherweight canceled this morning due to personal problems his tour of South Americaincluding their performance at the International Festival of Viña del Mar, in Chile, which had already raised controversy due to complaints of apology for violence and drug trafficking, which opened a debate on freedom of expression and which were even awaiting a judicial resolution.

In an official statement, the organization of the Viña del Mar Festival hinted, without details, that the reasons would be related to the singer’s healthone of the most listened to of the year in the world: ”The production of the Viña del Mar International Song Festival 2024 reports that the artist Peso Pluma reported that will not be able to appear in the contest this March 1, As planned. According to the information provided by his team, the artist will cancel his entire Latin American tour.

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”We regret the situation of Peso Pluma, stating that the Viña del Mar Festival maintains a strong commitment to the health of all those who are part of the contest, putting the integrity of people as the main axis,” he added without further details.

A few hours before, and through social networks, the representatives of the Mexican artist – who was not present last night at the Premio Lo Nuestro ceremony – had already announced the cancellation by indicating that “we are sorry to inform you that due to personal reasons, Peso Pluma will not perform at the concerts/festivals scheduled in Viña Del Mar, Lima and Asunción. We hope to be able to return to these territories soon to give them the experience they deserve,” they noted.

Trueno will replace Peso Pluma in Viña del Mar

Peso Pluma, who was the great artist in charge of the closing, will be replaced on the festival grid by the Argentine singer «Thunder», decision that unleashed speculation from fans, who point to the love triangle formed by both artists and the well-known artist Nicki Nicole as the real reason for the Mexican’s departure.

By: Fabiana Alejandra Ramirez

Fan groups in Chile had warned that Featherweight “would not be welcome” after images of the Mexican’s alleged double infidelity with Nicole began to circulate. In fact, this support for Argentines was already staged in the concert that “Trueno” offered last Saturday within the framework of the Surfestival, in the Chilean city of Pichilemu.

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