The corn harvest for seeds began and ASA celebrated its 75 years by showing the biotechnological potential – News from Argentina

The corn harvest for seeds began and ASA celebrated its 75 years by showing the biotechnological potential – News from Argentina

The Argentine Seed Growers Association (ASA) celebrated this Wednesday its 75 years of institutional history with an act and a technical tour by agroindustrial plants located in different locations in southern Santa Fe, where the dynamism and biotechnological potential of this sector was shown, which in Argentina generates 26,000 direct jobs and employs 4% of the country’s scientists.

About a hundred people participated in the meeting, including national and provincial directors: deputies of different political groups and geographical origins, representatives of UATRE, authorities of INASE, SENASA and INTA, and representatives of the Cereal exchanges of Santa Fe, Córdoba, Entre Ríos and Rosario.

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The president of ASA, Nicholas Gear, expressed that in this launch, already a classic at the end of February, “all our annual work comes together.” He highlighted that the entity is associated with “more than 80 companies deployed in 16 provinces of the country with scientific development and public-private coordination.” And he added that despite the conditions of the country’s context, «the adoption of technology does not stop and today we know that food transformation begins with quality seeds.»

The Undersecretary of Agriculture of the Nation, German Di Bellamarked three central criteria: “Our government supports UPOV 91, intellectual property for us is key to the development of the economy, we are committed to public-private coordination, we want an agile State that deregulates and helps the federal development of the bioeconomy ”.

The executive director of ASA, Alfredo Paseyro, stated: “We are celebrating ASA’s 75 years and we do so by showing our fundamental pillars: innovation, high-quality work and environmental sustainability. For us, a seed that does not have quality is not a seed.”

He considered that “the intellectual property of our work constitutes national sovereignty. The activity we do has multiple disciplines and institutions that give us a framework of predictability to put the best seed of the best quality in the hands of producers.”

The provincial director of Innovation of the Ministry of Production of Santa Fe, Federico Carballeira declared: “We are aware of the effort that the productive sector puts into our province. From all the science and technology that the seed contains, we see a vision of the future that leads us to continue working together with the private sector.”

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The general secretary of UATRE Jose Voytenco, closed by saying: “When we, workers and businessmen, come together in a common cause, everything is possible and more bearable. “We want workers to have a good time in their working conditions so that this industry continues to advance.”

The community president of Murphy, Ezequiel Rodriguez He expressed: “We are proud to have you here today, we want to have policies that support development to move forward.”

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The day included a description of the entire process of preparing corn seeds, a lunch at the Regional Agrotechnical Center (CAR) of Venado Tuerto. In the afternoon, lots and agroindustrial plants of soy and carinataa cover crop that also generates income as an input into a biofuel for airplanes.

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