“We will not accompany any candidate” – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

“We will not accompany any candidate” – News from Argentina – Es de Latino News

In critical hours for Together for Change after Patricia Bullrich will announce her inclination for the libertarian Javier Milei in the runoffmet the UCR in the National Committee and, unlike the position of the former presidential candidate, she confirmed that will not support any of the candidates on November 19: “The UCR will not accompany either of the two candidates”they titled.

“The country is experiencing a serious economic, political, moral and social crisis. With growing inflation, alarming levels of poverty and corruption, and uncertainty that affects the daily life and long-term vision of all Argentines,” the statement from the National Committee of the UCR begins.

The UCR Will Not Accompany None of the 2 Candidates by ezequielalippe on Scribd

“In that state of situation and with the desire to reverse it, we collectively went to the polls. And the citizens expressed themselves: The political proposal of Together for Change came third, being left out of the runoff. This deserves reflection and deep self-criticism from all the parties of Together for Change, as well as its main political actors.”.

“The Radical Civic Union appreciates the support of the millions of Argentines who throughout the country supported our proposals and We reject unilateral positions without consultation that do not express the values ​​of Together for Change”.

“Our party has an extensive history in defense of democracy, respect for human rights, the expansion of social rights in a sustainable manner, commitment to public education and health, as well as a sovereign position on matters of foreign policy. The Argentines placed our coalition in an opposition role. And that’s what we should do”.

“This responsibility is extremely relevant, since we have 10 governors, hundreds of mayors, 93 deputies and 24 national senators. That mandate of the polls for Together for Change is what we are going to honor, rebuilding the leaderships, projects and visions that make Argentines fall in love again, while controlling and putting the necessary limits on those who are going to be the national government. starting December 10.”

“No leader is the owner of the votes”

“The Argentines voted, and they are the only owners of the votes. No leader is. Each of them will decide in the ballot for their preference. “The UCR will not support either of the two candidates”.

“Neither of the two guarantees a future of progress for Argentina. Sergio Massa is as responsible as Alberto Fernández and Cristina Fernández de Kirchner for the state of the countryits impoverishment, the inflationary process, corruption and the social and economic deterioration of Argentina. The demagogic extremism of Javier Milei is at the antipodes of our thinking. His political platform and the violence that emerges from his words and gestures, always attacking coexistence, have nothing to do with our party. We could never have anything to do with their space.”

“We have the historic opportunity, 40 years later, to recover democracy, to put an end to the cracks that dangerously seem to multiply and that have only served for the personal and political gain of some sectors and actors. We have the responsibility of moving the country forward, from the place that the Argentines have assigned to us. And to build a new radicalism, which, based on its historical values, once again summons the majority, which represents national interests and rescues the best of our institutional tradition.”

“With renewed flags and leadership that make it possible to explain a clear path, a country project to build a better future. We call on the Argentines to that challenge,” the statement closes.

These words had already been advanced by the head of the block of radical senators, Luis Naidenoffupon entering the headquarters on Alsina Street, a few meters from the National Congress.

“I stick with freedom of action, and when the Homeland is in danger, political responsibility. The people have given us an opposition role, we are a coalition with 10 governors, with very strong and very solid parliamentary blocs, and it is in Parliament where future government policies are defined,” he told the press.

Naidenoff distanced himself from Bullrich and emphasized that “the strength of Together for Change is not the two candidates who competed a few days ago: the strength is the 10 governors, the parliamentary blocs and the mayors.”

His counterpart from the Chamber of Deputies, Mario Negricontributed: “We must remain cohesive, in the place where society put us, and be the opposition”.

The meeting was led by the head of the centenary party, Gerardo Morales, and governors and legislators participated.

Among others, Senator Martin Lousteau: the governors of Corrientes, Gustavo Valdes, and from Chaco, Leandro Zdero; and the deputies Soledad Carrizo (Cordova), Pamela Verasay and Lisandro Nieri (Mendoza) and Karina Banfi (Buenos Aires).


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