25 Best Rick Sanchez Quotes (So Far) – Es de Latino News

25 Best Rick Sanchez Quotes (So Far) – Es de Latino News


  • Rick Sanchez is a source of hilarious and deep quotes, showcasing his blunt nihilism and arrogance in the face of Morty’s naive optimism.
  • His lines convey his critical eye and grim outlook on the universe, reflecting the wisdom of an interdimensional legend who’s seen it all.
  • Regardless of who voices Rick, each new episode of Rick and Morty brings fresh contenders for the best Rick Sanchez quotes, making him a quotable character.

Rick Sanchez quotes make for some of the most quotable Rick and Morty moments, and the smartest man in all creation has dropped many memorable one-liners beyond catchphrases like «Wubba Lubba Dub-Dub» and «I’m Pickle Rick!». The most memorable Rick quotes are either hilarious, or deep, comedic examinations of humanity, technology, and/or philosophy. Rick Sanchez exudes a blunt nihilism and arrogance to counterbalance Morty’s naive optimism. He also has no filter, doesn’t care whose feelings he hurts, and will say anything and everything that comes to mind – making it easy to see why he’s the source of so many Rick and Morty quotes.

Throughout Rick and Morty, Rick Sanchez’s lines help convey his critical eye and pretty grim outlook on the universe — the cynical wisdom that comes with being an interdimensional legend who’s seemingly done and seen it all. Even after Justin Roiland got fired from Rick and Morty and was replaced by Ian Cardoni from season 7 onwards, Rick remains the source of some of the most hilarious lines in the show. It’s clear that no matter who voices the eternally pessimistic super genius every new episode of Rick and Morty will bring new contenders for the best Rick Sanchez quotes.

25 «As Far As Grandpa’s Concerned, You’re Both Pieces Of S**t»

«A Rickle In Time» – Season 2, Episode 1

Rick Sanchez with Morty and Summer.

Rick Sanchez is not someone to hide his feelings. In the episode «A Rickle in Time,» Rick unfreezes time and then tells Morty and Summer that reality might not be stable there. However, Morty and Summer begin to fight, and the moment Rick finally has enough brings one of the best Rick Sanchez quotes from season 2. While Morty and Summer are concerned about their timeline, Rick lashes out at them and tells them that they might be different from each other «in many ways,» to him they are «both pieces of s**t.» He then pulled out a whiteboard to demonstrate this fact, so they would both understand,

24 «Get Embroiled On In Some Youthful Hijinks»

«Big Trouble in Little Sanchez» – Season 2, Episode 7

A young Rick Sanchez talking to Morty and Summer.

In the second season episode, «Big Trouble in Little Sanchez,» Rick transfers his mind into a teenage clone and sets out to kill a vampire. As a teenager, Rick is completely different and becomes very popular before finally killing the vampire. Of course, he doesn’t want to go back to his older self and needs Morty and Summer to convince him to do the right thing. The best part was how he greeted Morty and Summer when he showed up at high school as a teen, explaining what he did before saying «What’s the BFD?» and calling himself Tiny Rick.

23 «You Act Like Prey, But You’re A Predator»

«The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy» – Season 3, Episode 5

Rick and Jerry on another planet in Rick and Morty.

Rick Sanchez has never liked Jerry Smith, his son-in-law, and he showed his contempt in a harsh scene in «The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy.» In this episode, Rick agrees to take Jerry on an otherworldly adventure where he encounters Risotto Groupon, an alien with a grudge against Rick. He convinces Jerry to betray Rick, but Jerry eventually backs out and saves his father-in-law. Sadly, Rick learns Jerry almost betrayed him and launches into a diatribe about what he hates about Jerry. This brutal Rick Sanchez Jerry put-down was all the funnier because Rick was using Jerry as bait, all while accusing Jerry of using others.

I took your family? Who do you think had more taken away from them when you shot 20 cc of liquid dream-killer into my daughter? She was Rick’s daughter, Jerry. She had options! That all ended because she felt sorry for you. You act like prey, but you’re a predator! You use pity to lure in your victims! That’s how you survive! I survive because I know everything. That snake survives because children wander off, and you survive because people think «Oh, this poor piece of sh*t, he never gets a break. I can’t stand the deafening silent wails of his wilting soul. I’ll guess I’ll hire him, or marry him.»

22 «He Turned Himself Into Akira»

«Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat» – Season 4, Episode 1

Akira Morty over the town.

Many Rick and Morty quotes reference sci-fi movies, TV shows, and even manga. However, one of the funniest Rick Sanchez comes when he drops an unexpected nod to classic 1988 anime movie Akira. In the episode, «Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat,» Morty finds a crystal that shows him his death as an old man with his crush, Jessica, by his side. As a result, he does everything the crystal tells him, including accidentally killing Rick. Morty also begins stealing weapons and even goes on a murder spree. Luckily, Rick gets back and when Jerry and Beth blame him, he angrily says Morty turned himself into «an Akira.«

21 «I’m Charles Manson Because I Gave You Your Own World»

«The ABC’s Of Beth» – Season 3, Episode 9

Rick yelling at Beth in ABCs of Beth on Rick and Morty.

Rick Sanchez created Froopyland for his daughter Beth when she was a child. In «The ABCs of Death,» he takes her back to Froopyland for her to visit again, and there she sees an old friend named Tommy in the realm, she blames her father. The episode had some hilariously cruel quotes, such as Rick’s rant where he explains he created Froopyland to protect the world from his dangerous daughter. However, Beth keeps blaming Rick for everything and Rick finally snaps, referencing how some dads do silly things and everyone loves it, but he created an entire world for his daughter, and it makes him a monster.

Yeah, whatever. A dad makes a toilet look like R2-D2, and it breaks the front page of Reddit, but I’m Charles Manson because I gave you your own world instead of an iPad.

20 «Rick And Morty, Forever And Forever, A Hundred Years Rick And Morty, S… things!»

«Pilot» – Season 1, Episode 1

Rick monologues at a paralyzed Morty in Rick and Morty

This early Rick Sanchez quote is a small but memorable part of the final scene in the Rick and Morty pilot episode, in which Rick goes on the first of his famous monologues to a paralyzed Morty, mostly improvised by Justin Roiland. This Rick and Morty quote is not emotional or overly thought-provoking, but it is iconic and memorable for its sheer ridiculousness and improvisational nature. This would not be the last time a moment like this occurred. In fact, Rick’s first crazy rant was mirrored in the Rick and Morty season 6 ending.

19 «What, So Everyone’s Supposed To Sleep Every Single Night Now?»

«Pilot» – Season 1, Episode 1

Rick and Morty in the pilot.

When Summer accuses Morty of being out with Rick all night during an early scene of the pilot episode, he defensively responds, «What, so everyone’s supposed to sleep every single night now? You realize that nighttime makes up half of all time?» The quote isn’t just a humorous bit of dialogue — it also informs the viewer that Rick values his time significantly. This is one of the simpler Rick and Morty quotes, but it stands out for also being a clever bit of exposition.

18 «This One Will Not Be Directed By Ron Howard.»

«The Old Man and the Seat» – Season 4, Episode 2

Rick uses his secret toilet in Rick and Morty

When Rick finally gets to use the bathroom in peace at his majestically relaxing toilet situated in the isolated wilderness of a foreign planet, he utters the line, «Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a quick solo adventure to go on, and this one will not be directed by Ron Howard.» Rick and Morty’s poop/toilet episode is undoubtedly tragic. Yet, it ends with this gem of a Rick Sanchez quote referencing Ron Howard taking the directing reigns of Solo: A Star Wars Story. It’s taken to another level of hilarity when Jerry says that he would be honored to have Ron Howard involved when he does his business.

17 «I Always Slay It, Queen.»

«Claw And Hoarder: Special Ricktim’s Morty» – Season 4, Episode 4

A dragon blowing fire in Rick and Morty.

When a dragon arrives at the steps of the Smith home, Summer turns to his grandpa and asks, «Are you going to slay it?» which prompts Rick to reply, «First off, I always slay it, queen.» It’s a genuinely surprising response because no one really expected the greatest boomer of all time to suddenly go Gen Z. Apart from this being one of the most memorable Rick Sanchez lines from Rick and Morty season 4, it’s notable how the episode’s title is a reference to Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, one of the darkest police procedurals on television.

16 «I’m Pickle Rick!»

«Pickle Rick» – Season 3, Episode 3

Pickle Rick on his work table in Rick and Morty.

The «I’m Pickle Rick» episode exemplifies the genius behind the branding of Rick Sanchez. Apart from being one of many Rick and Morty quotes that look good on any t-shirt, this defiant and proud statement comes from a grandpa who found a way to get out of going to therapy with his family, only to find himself walking straight into their therapist’s office. The three-word catchphrase is not only funny, but it also remains a succinct reminder of Rick’s inner feelings, which Rick struggled to confront at the time.

15 «Charging Into ‘Em Like A Bull — That’s How We Grow As People.»

«Pilot» – Season 1, Episode 1

Rick puts his hand on Morty's shoulder while talking to him in Rick and Morty.

Sure, this inspirational quote from Rick might just be a disingenuous pep talk meant to coax Morty into collecting Mega Tree seeds – but it still stands as a pretty awesome line. While many other Rick and Morty quotes also reveal the reckless nature of Rick Sanchez, this quote is a peek into what Rick was like back when he was a leader – especially when the full line is considered. «Listen to me, Morty. I know that new situations can be intimidating. You’re lookin’ around, and it’s all scary and different, but y’know … meeting them head-on, charging into ‘em like a bull — that’s how we grow as people.»

14 «Love Is Just A Chemical Reaction That Compels Animals To Breed.»

«Rick Potion No. 9» – Season 1, Episode 6

Rick Potion No. 9 from Rick and Morty.

There’s probably no better example of Rick Sanchez’s nihilistic, no-nonsense view on modern society than this quote about love. «Rick Potion No. 9» sees Morty requesting his grandfather to concoct a potion that will make Jessica fall in love with him. In the Rick and Morty season 1 episode, Rick doesn’t just initially turn him down but even downplays the nature of love itself. «…what people call “love” is just a chemical reaction that compels animals to breed. It hits hard, Morty, then it slowly fades, leaving you stranded in a failing marriage. I did it. Your parents are gonna do it. Break the cycle, Morty. Rise above. Focus on science.»

13 «Get Out Of Here, Summer! You Ruined The Season 4 Premiere!»

«Edge of Tomorty: Rick Die Rickpeat» – Season 4, Episode 1

Rick and Morty Summer Ruin Season 4 Premiere

One of the funniest moments during the Akira spoof episode of Rick and Morty takes place at the very end when Summer begins teasing Rick and Morty about their «testosterone-addled third-grade boy» attitude. At the same time, they rave about the adventures they will have — and won’t have. Prior to Summer becoming a more central character in Rick and Morty season 6, this moment is a throwback to the time she was treated as a comedic punching bag when Rick busts out this humorous fourth-wall-breaking line. Rick and Morty cursing out Summer to close out the season 4 premiere proved both amusing and fitting, especially given how prominent Summer became.

12 «Welcome To The Club, Pal.»

«Something Ricked This Way Comes» – Season 1, Episode 9

Butter Robot in Rick and Morty

During a classic intro scene at the dinner table that blends lighthearted humor with a depressing dose of philosophy, a small robot asks Rick what his purpose is. Rick replies, «to pass butter.» After accomplishing this task and pondering his true worth, he asks again, only to be informed that this is his only purpose. The distraught robot hangs his head in sadness and can only mutter «oh my God,» before Rick replies, «welcome to the club, pal.» One of Rick Sanchez’s greatest inventions, the butter-passing robot being adorable makes this existential confrontation all the more horrific and hilarious.

11 «I Invent, Transform, Create, And Destroy For A Living.»

«Pickle Rick» – Season 3, Episode 3

Pickle Rick holding knives.

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