It would be good if, as a sign of unity, he withdrew the complaints – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

It would be good if, as a sign of unity, he withdrew the complaints – News from Chile – Es de Latino News

After mea culpa that President Boric made at the funeral of Sebastian Piñera noting that «the complaints and recriminations sometimes went beyond what was fair and reasonable,» the head of the National Renovation bench, Frank Sauerbaum He stated this Saturday that «It would be good» for the President, «as a sign of unity, to withdraw» these accusations.

In conversation with CooperativeSauerbaum noted that «we believe that To make these beautiful words of President Boric concrete, concrete gestures would have to be made that those who carried out their work during the Government of President Piñera, under his orders, will not continue to be persecuted.»

Along these lines, the Chilean Vamos parliamentarian explained that «It would be good if President Boric, as a sign of unity, would withdraw these complaints which, obviously, put a damper on this environment that has been created by more agreements and more consensus.

«We cannot remain only in words, we must actwe must demonstrate with facts that we actually have a broad democratic spirit, tolerant of differences, and that we no longer speak to this violent group that we tried to impose by force, but that it be spoken to the entire countrywho is shocked by the death of President Piñera,» added the legislator.


Regarding the criticism of the President’s statements by different representatives of the Communist Party (PC), Sauerbaum indicated that «one cannot expect much from the PC in this matter. It is a party that lives on division, on separation between Chileansof this permanent struggle between good and bad, that is their political project, it is basically based on promoting difference and the victimization of a sector.»

«In this case they take the floor away from their main leadership, I think it is very serious and a situation that the Government is going to have to discuss with them,» the deputy emphasized.

«We were bothered by some attitudes of people like Carmen Hertz (PC), who is vice president of the Chamber of Deputies. Whether she likes it or not, she represents the entire House and was absent during these days from a State ceremony. So they are signs that are wrong, but I stick with the speech of President Boric, Michelle Bachelet and President Frei, who recognize Piñera as a defense of Human Rights,» said the head of the RN Bench.


Finally, Deputy Sauerbaum highlighted the positive political environment that was generated during the farewell events of former President Piñera and stated that «We must maintain the good spirit of dialogue and isolate those who do not want to talk. «Here there is a sector that will always be in permanent conflict, therefore, many of us think that we simply have to move forward with the Government, with those who want to dialogue and talk.»

«At RN we have always been available to talkIn fact, in pension matters we were the only political party that presented a complete alternative project to that of the Government, precisely with the intention of being able to reach something, an agreement, unfortunately that did not happen,» said the legislator.

«But I believe that we must ignore these calls to continue deepening differences and conflicts and govern for the vast majority of Chileans. If the Government begins to speak to the great majorities and not to this 30% that supports him permanently, and speaks to the other 70%, obviously he will have our support and our firm decision to be able to reach agreements,» the parliamentarian sentenced.

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